2 Ways The Vetting Zoo is going to help (with your help!):

1. We are going to collect money. Many shelters do not have space to store “stuff” (food, crates, bins, bowls, etc)–Nor do we want to use precious funds for shipping. So, we are asking for flat donations. Every dollar donated will get to animals in need in the Texas area. A veterinarian friend of Dr Diane’s is heading to the Houston area on Thursday–he is going to be in touch with her, and will let us know where funds are needed. That way, we will be ASSURED that the money is going to somewhere in need–We will also be making homemade doggie biscuits and bandannas at The Vetting Zoo, starting Tuesday, September 5th. Stop on in to give a donation for a treat or new neck wear for your pup! (We will also try to include kitties and come up with some play toy for them!) We will do this until Friday October 13th.

**FOR EVERY $1 DONATED, THE VETTING ZOO WILL MATCH THE AMOUNT, UP TO $3000! If we can raise $3000 from our followers, that will equal $6000 for the homeless pets!**

2. For every “LIKE” we get ABOVE 1960 on Facebook, TVZ will match each “LIKE” with $1 and will donate to LOCAL rescues that have reached out to help rehome Harvey pets! If we get 2000 more LIKES by October 13th, that’s $2000 that The Vetting Zoo will donate to local groups saving Harvey animals.

All you need to do is SHARE SHARE SHARE our Facebook post!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, help US help THEM–if everyone gave $1, we’d be able to send thousands of dollars in aid. The animals of Harvey need every one of you–They have nothing. You have all seen the horrific pictures, and have probably shed tears—Here’s your chance to help–NO DONATION IS TOO SMALL!!

Any questions? Please call 717-343-3815.

Checks can be mailed to The Vetting Zoo, 327 Schoolhouse Road, Palmyra PA, 17078–made payable to The Vetting Zoo–we will the write one check to the group or checks to the groups that will benefit most. Or you may call with a cc donation 717-343-3815.